Young people benefit enormously from the experience of getting away from home and serving others. SSP has provided safe and challenging youth service projects for individuals and church groups for over four decades. Find out how you can grow your youth group with a service experience this summer.


Sierra Service Project, or SSP, is an interdenominational Christian non-profit organization that provides service opportunities in the Western United States to middle schoolhigh school and combined youth groups during the summer and school year. SSP affirms and welcomes anyone who is interested in its programs, inviting youth into a closer relationship with God and one another through the transformative power of community-centered service. At SSP, we strive to make each group’s experience rich in quality. We take care of most of the planning and logistics challenges, allowing each group’s adult leaders to focus on their relationships with their youth.

Explore this page to learn more about what a trip with SSP entails, and let us know if you have any questions at (916) 488-6441 or by emailing Veronica Russell, our Volunteer Coordinator.

SSP is…

  • Fun!

    The SSP experience includes a tradition of games, songs, and lasting friendships.

  • Safe & Dependable

    SSP has over 40 years of youth service, leadership, and home repair knowledge, is dedicated to physical and emotional safety, and provides nutritious meals and spiritual support to all volunteers.

  • Challenging Service

    Youth take on complex projects, learn how to safely use power tools, and cultivate teamwork and problem-solving skills.

  • Intercultural Engagement

    Working with others to strengthen communities different from their own allows youth to experience new cultures in an authentic way.

  • Community-based, transformative service learning experience

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Cost and Financial Assistance

The cost of a week-long session ranges from $335 to $365 per person, depending upon the type of session and the location. SSP believes that all youth, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances, should benefit from the experience of serving others. Because of this, we have a significant scholarship program.

What if I’m not part of a group?

High school youth can also register as an individual.

What does a typical day and week look like at SSP?

Download the 2017 Summer Information Packet.

SSP has a team member dedicated to working with group leaders to ensure that they have a smooth, meaningful service experience. Veronica Russell, our Volunteer Coordinator, is here to answer your questions about our programs and to help your group prepare for their SSP experience. Call Veronica with your questions at (916) 488-6441.

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2017 Brochure

“The reason we keep coming back year after year is it feels manageable. As youth leaders, we focus on recruiting youth, preparing them for the program, and getting them here. After that happens, SSP has the projects, community relationships, and an amazing staff that teaches us how to help youth on these projects.”

Author Photo
The Rev. Katherine Baginski Doar, Associate Priest
— St. Francis Episcopal Church

"Really Rewarding Experience"

"Renewed Faith"

New to SSP? Welcome!
If your group is new to SSP, create a login request to so that you can register your group for SSP's programs. First-come, first-served registration is open now!