Rural Communities

Lake County, California

We are excited to open a new site in Lake County this year! Lake County is currently ranked lowest in California for health outcomes, and almost 23% of residents live below the federal poverty level. At the invitation of several local community partners, the work of SSP volunteers will support long-term holistic solutions for vulnerable populations, which includes building a small community of tiny cottages.

Smith River, California

The redwoods and coastal community in Smith River are beautiful, but the summer weather can be cool to cold. We are hosted by the United Methodist Church and Smith River School. This is our 8th year in a row serving with this community. We work throughout Del Norte County in Smith River and Crescent City with a variety of local nonprofits as well as homeowners.

Chiloquin, Oregon

This will be our 8th summer working in Chiloquin continuously as a part of a long-time partnership with the United Methodist Church. In recent years, groups completed major downtown revitalization projects and worked for individual homeowners. We expect a similar mix of carpentry and painting projects this year.

Native American Community

Tsaile, Arizona: Navajo Nation

In the Navajo Nation, SSP volunteers stay in Diné College’s Hogan dorms. This is our 8th year in a row serving with this high desert community. Afternoon storms are frequent, but unpredictable here. We expect a mix of high-intensity home repair projects such as wheelchair ramps, porches, stairs, and roofs.

Urban Community

San Diego, California

This will be our 6th year serving in San Diego county. Work teams at this site have served with a variety of local nonprofits, as well as with individual homeowners. Volunteers will have the option to participate in a day trip to Tijuana, Mexico during Adventure Wednesday.

Driving Times

Please use Google Maps to approximate drive times for your trip to SSP’s 2020 summer locations.

  • Plan to arrive at site between 2PM and 4PM on Sunday afternoon; it is imperative that you arrive within this window.
  • Allow more time for your travels to include stops along the way.
  • There are many friendly churches along your routes that could host your group overnight.
  • The Navajo Nation is on Mountain Time. Travelers from Arizona and the West Coast must allow one additional hour of travel time.


Locations Map