SSP Hiring Office Assistant

SSP Hiring Office Assistant

SSP is hiring! We are looking for an Office Assistant to join our high energy, enthusiastic team. This part-time position offers flexible hours and a fun team environment. SSP fosters a growth-oriented work environment and encourages employees to grow in their job skills. SSP is looking for the right person whose ready to make a positive difference in their community.

Job duties include bookkeeping, donor management, answering phones, and helping out wherever needed. The right candidate will work as a very flexible team member in a dynamic work environment. We are looking for someone who can take initiative, work with minimal supervision, and multitask with ease. This position would be great for a student, parent, or anyone needing flexible, part-time work hours. If you’re ready to be excited and satisfied by your work apply today!

Download the job description. To apply, send your resume and cover letter to Rick Eaton.


Jenn Galler: #mySSPstory

Jenn Galler: #mySSPstory

Jenn Galler
University of Tennessee Chattanooga, Senior
Construction Coordinator San Diego, CA 2017
Santa Rosa First United Methodist

After three summers serving as a youth volunteer and three summers on staff, SSP has been the biggest factor in my development as a leader. Through my summers as a youth and a staffer, I’ve grown in self-worth and confidence while simultaneously expanding my perspective beyond myself.

I am currently a senior at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where I study Public Administration and Non-profit Management. I’d love to use my education to work in a leadership position in a non-profit with a mission I support.

I’ve grown in self-worth and confidence while simultaneously expanding my perspective beyond myself.

As a youth, having someone to look up to (the staff), if only for a week, was extremely impactful and helped guide me into the person I am today. The people that surrounded me and the environment that surrounds SSP caused me to reflect inwardly and see what problems I wanted to help solve in the world.

As a staffer, each summer gave me skills in public speaking, team building, communication, and a lot of adaptability to equip me to be a leader. SSP is an irreplaceable experience where I’ve gotten to travel, make new friends, and develop myself professionally and personally.


Editor’s note: Jenn most recently served on staff in San Diego, CA as a Construction Coordinator. She is a Leadership Academy fellow and her story is the second part of the #mySSPstory series highlighting SSP staff leaders and their stories. Join Jenn and Apply for 2018 summer staff!

Joseph Makunga: #mySSPstory

Joseph Makunga: #mySSPstory

Joseph Makunga
Citrus College, Junior
Food Service Coordinator Chiloquin, 2017
Claremont United Methodist Church

I have been working with SSP for two summers now, and I have to say it’s been one of the greatest experiences of my life. There’s nothing like serving a community for a summer with a group of young adults you’ve only just met. The appreciation for the work and values SSP espouses reminds me why I keep coming back.


With the start of the summer a melancholy sweeps over me as I recognize the person I am now will transform in nine and a half weeks.

I find myself in awe watching the volunteers transform as the week progresses. The ability of these young people to engulf themselves in this experience astounds me. I know it to be true, because just three years ago I embarked on my first-ever trip with Sierra Service Project. Youth from my church always said what an amazing experience it was, but I was always busy the week my church went.

It was not until the summer after I graduated I had the opportunity to go to my first (and what I thought would be my last) SSP. When we arrived in San Diego, I was a little skeptical as to what to expect of our week, being a first timer. However by Friday, I dreaded leaving site, I could hardly believe the week had gone by so fast. What had seemed strange at the beginning had turned into a routine. I mean, where else would I be able to sand and prime the exterior of a house, and fix holes in drywall? 


Never before had I done work like this, but one week later, I felt like I could really make an impact on someone’s life.
As soon as I got home, I started looking into ways to be more involved with SSP. Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to serve as a Staff-in-Training weeks later in Schurz, Nevada. It was then that I knew I wanted to be on summer staff. The next summer I served as a Food Service Coordinator in San Diego and again this summer (2017) in Chiloquin, OR. It’s difficult to forecast where I would be now if I had never gone to San Diego that first summer. I hold steadfast my opinion that I am a better person because of it.
As a youth volunteer, SSP literally gives you the tools you need to build a better life for someone. Being on summer staff, you get to see how youth are empowered as they do great work within the community. As a junior at Citrus College majoring in Biology, I know SSP has had a huge impact on tempering me for the road ahead. I’m certain the love, dedication, and community I’ve seen will always reside in my heart.


Editor’s note: Joseph is a Leadership Academy fellow. His story is the first of the #mySSPstory series highlighting SSP staff leaders and their stories.


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