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Each summer 1,700 youth and adults from over 150 churches participate in our Summer Programs. For the summer of 2018, we have five site locations throughout Washington, Oregon, California and Arizona. We offer week-long sessions beginning July 1, 2018. Last summer, teenagers completed over 100 projects on homes and community centers. Outside of work projects, youth share in worship and explore the culture of the communities where they are serving. Two of the sites are located in Native American communities, two in rural communities, and one in an urban community.

Our mission is to enable youth to:

Build faith and strengthen communities through service to others.

Common to all SSP programs is service to the elderly, poor and marginalized. Our service is offered without strings attached and is done with an attitude of respect and humility.

Download and review the 2018 Summer Information Packet.

Who Participates

Church Youth Groups

Each summer, volunteers from United Methodist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, Lutheran, United Church of Christ, Catholic, and other denominations are a part of SSP’s mission work. While our program has its roots in the United Methodist church, we are open to anyone who wants to attend.

Groups are encouraged to invite youth who are not already part of the church to participate in SSP with your youth group. This is a great way to grow your local youth ministry program and do outreach in the community.

Groups of any size can attend (within the maximum size set for that session). Some churches send multiple groups to different SSP sessions due to their schedule limitations.

High School Program

Youth entering 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade in the fall of 2018, as well as 2018 high school graduates, are welcome to participate in our High School program.

Middle School Program

This program is open to youth entering the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades in the Fall of 2018.

Combined Middle and High School Program

This program is designed for incoming 6th graders in fall 2018 through 2018 high school graduates. Mature youth will be given opportunities to lead and mentor younger youth throughout the week. Groups that comprise of only middle or high school youth are also welcome to attend Combined sessions, with the understanding that there will be youth of many ages present, as well as a mixed level of SSP experience.

Individual Program

Most youth who participate in SSP are part of a youth group, but we want the SSP experience to be accessible to all youth! High schoolers who are not part of a youth group can also participate in SSP, by signing up as an Individual youth.

This program works especially well for:

  • Youth unconnected with a church or youth group
  • Youth whose churches do not have youth groups
  • Youth who are unable to attend with their group due to scheduling conflicts
  • Youth who want to attend more SSP than once during the summer

Individuals can attend any High School or Combined sessions.

Intergenerational Program

Anyone age 12 and up may attend the Intergenerational session. Adult groups, college groups, staff alumni, families, youth groups, and groups with a mix in ages are all welcome to participate. Youth volunteers entering 9th grade or higher may sign up as individuals if they wish, as can individual adults. Anyone 18 years or older attending this program must undergo a national criminal background screening before June 1st.

We ask that anyone attending this program keep an open mind – it will not be a traditional SSP week! There will be volunteers of all ages present, as well as a mixed level of SSP experience.

2018 Program & Fee Schedule

This year we are offering four different types of programs, with varying costs and session lengths. Middle School and High School only groups can also attended Combined sessions. Please call us if you have any questions about our program schedule!

Program Schedule Fee e

Register Your Group

The registration process is first-come, first-served and takes place on our MySSP portal, which is our online registration system. MySSP allows you to submit your registration, make payments, and later in the process, update your group’s information regarding roster information, t-shirt sizes and dietary needs. Please call or email Veronica Russell, SSP’s Director of Volunteers and Outreach, if you have any questions.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups and individuals may register where space is available.

Download and review the 2018 Summer Information Packet.

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SSP's Group Registration Portal
First-come, first-served registration opens October 9th, 2017 at 10 AM Pacific Time! If you are your group's liaison, click the button to login to your MySSP account.