“It taught me a lot about working together as a community.”

“It is an amazing experience where you make new friends, will always be welcomed, and your faith can grow.”

“It’s a good way to meet new people and help others, while bonding as a church.”

About the Program

The Combined program is a hybrid of the High School and Middle School programs, and a great way to welcome youth groups who do year-round programming for both ages. At Combined sessions, work teams are often split to comprise of either older or younger youth, instead of mixing all ages together.

Groups attending Combined sessions should be prepared to foster community amongst a variety of ages and maturity levels. Some activities are optional to accommodate both middle and high school youth. Our staff cater the programing to each session’s group’s needs.

Download and review the 2018 Summer Information Packet.

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2018 Dates

There are ten sessions throughout the summer for the Combined Middle and High School Program.

Chiloquin, Oregon

  • Week 1: July 1 – 7
  • Week 2: July 8 – July 14

Smith River, California

  • Week 1: July 1 – 7
  • Week 2: July 8 – July 14
  • Week 3: July 15 – July 21

Tsaile, Arizona

  • Week 4: July 22 – July 28

San Diego, California

  • Week 5: July 29 – August 4
  • Week 6: August 5 – August 11

Spokane, Washington

  • Week 5: July 29 – August 4
  • Week 6: August 5 – August 11

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Session Length

Combined sessions begin on Sunday afternoon and end on Saturday morning.

Program Schedule

Please call us if you have any questions about our program schedule!

Register Your Group

The registration process is first-come, first-served and takes place on our MySSP portal, which is our online registration system. MySSP allows you to submit your registration, make payments, and later in the process, update your group’s information regarding roster information, t-shirt sizes and dietary needs. Please call or email Veronica Russell, SSP’s Director of Volunteers and Outreach, if you have any questions.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups and individuals may register where space is available beginning October 9th at 10 AM Pacific Time.

Download and review the 2018 Summer Information Packet.

SSP's Group Registration Portal
First-come, first-served registration opens October 9th, 2017 at 10 AM Pacific Time! If you are your group's liaison, click the button to login to your MySSP account.
New to SSP? Welcome!
If your group is new to SSP, create a login request to so that you can register your group for SSP's programs. First-come, first-served registration opens October 9th at 10 AM Pacific Time!
Update Your Group's SSP Liaison
SSP has one primary contact with your group. To update your SSP liaison, email Veronica your liaison's email, first and last name, phone number, address, position at church, as well as the church attending SSP with.

Who Participates

Church Youth Groups

Church youth groups from all over the US travel to one of the summer sites for an unforgettable week of serving, learning, worship and fellowship. Groups from United Methodist, Episcopal, Lutheran, United Church of Christ, Presbyterian, and Catholic churches are a part of SSP’s network. We are an interdenominational program that has an affiliation with the United Methodist Church. SSP is open to all churches.

No group is too small! One youth and one adult makes a group. Some churches send multiple groups to different SSP sessions due to their schedule limitations or because they have a large group.

Eligibility: Who Can Participate?

This program is designed for incoming 6th graders in fall 2018 through 2018 high school graduates. Mature youth will be given opportunities to lead and mentor younger youth throughout the week. Groups that comprise of only middle or high school youth are also welcome to attend Combined sessions, with the understanding that there will be youth of many ages present, as well as a mixed level of SSP experience.

Number of Participants Each Week

We are dedicated to creating a positive group environment, limiting our Combined sessions to 70 participants each. Most Combined sessions are split between about one-third middle school and two-thirds high school youth.

Service Work

For the most part, we work on the homes in the communities we serve. The type of work includes roofing, building wheelchair ramps and porches, painting and other general home repairs. No construction experience is needed, and you’ll be amazed at all of the work that your youth teams complete!

Occasionally, our teams work on churches, community buildings, and schools in the communities that host us. In addition, we will sometimes participate in other types of community service activities like community gardens when there is a need and the work is appropriate for youth work teams.

Most projects take longer to complete than your week at SSP so you may see the beginning, middle or end of a project.

We upload photos regularly on our facebook page, follow us to stay connected!

Safety and Supervision

Safety of every type – physical, spiritual, and emotional – is our top priority. We want each youth to have the best possible experience so we create an environment dedicated to safety, adequate rest, nutritious meals and snacks, and lots of emotional and spiritual support.

Each week begins with hands-on tool training before anyone begins service work.

SSP Staff

Site locations are staffed by a team of mature young adults and are made of a Site Director, Spiritual Life Coordinator, three Construction Team members and two Food Service Coordinators. Three sites this summer will have an extra staff member. They are trained and present at the site for the entire summer, working with the community to provide quality service opportunities.

The Staff participates in a ten-day training which consists of hands-on job specific training, sessions on leadership, conflict resolution, youth ministry, and cultural sensitivity among others. This training equips these young adults to be prepared for difficult situations that they may encounter over the summer.

Learn more about SSP’s young adult staff.

Adult Counselors

In addition to our staff, youth are accompanied by adult counselors in a ratio of one adult for every four youth.

Counselors must be at least 23 years old and be chosen for maturity and role modeling capabilities; those younger than 23 must be cleared and approved by the SSP office in advance. All counselors are expected to take online training and undergo a national criminal background check before participating.

Learn more about adult counselors.


At site, groups will need to provide their own transportation to and from the work sites each day. Because work teams are composed of six to eight people, minivans and cars work best. Our policy and the law requires that seat belts be used by all occupants. 15-Passenger vans have been shown to be very unsafe. We strongly urge you not to use these vehicles.

Van Rental Information

SSP has been able to arrange for a special discounted rate with Enterprise Rent-A-Car for the rental of vans for your trip to SSP this summer. If you choose to take advantage of this, you need to remember that this arrangement is between you and Enterprise Rent-A-Car. SSP can take no responsibility for reservation problems or any other problems that might arise.

To take advantage of these rates

Call: 1-800-Rent-A-Car or 1-800-736-8222
Or visit www.enterprise.com
Corporate Account Number: 30C2900

On the Enterprise website, all on the first page, enter your dates and location as well as the Corporate Account Number under “Account Number.” This will give you the availability and rates for all vehicles.


Regardless of where you rent your vans, we strongly advise you to call one week ahead of your pick-up date and the day before to verify that your reservation is intact and your vehicles are there.


Program Schedule Fee e

The fees cover all accommodations, meals, program supplies, building materials and tools, a T-shirt for each participant and supplemental health insurance (excess coverage only).

Deposit: $50 per participant

Due at registration to reserve spaces

Second Payment: $200 per participant ($185 for Spokane)

Due March 1st

Final Payment: $125 per participant ($100 for Spokane)

Due June 1st


In 2017, SSP awarded $34,860 in scholarships to 248 participants in need. We hope to do the same in 2018. Our commitment is that no youth should be excluded from participating due to lack of money. This fund will be used to lower the second and final payment by the needed amount. Complete the Group Scholarship Application Form to explain your group’s needs before January 15th to receive priority.

2018 Summer Downloads

Typical Combined Daily Schedule

Most days at SSP consist of a full day of service work, team building activities, singing, sharing homemade meals together, reflecting on the experience, and a spiritual program centered around the summer theme.

  • 7:00 AM Wake up and get ready (the day may start earlier depending on the site and heat index)
  • 7:30 AM Spiritual awakening (optional) to get centered for the day
  • 8:00 AM Breakfast
  • 8:30 AM Community service opportunities (cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, etc.)
  • 9:00 AM Arrive at work site, begin service work
  • Noon Lunch and Spiritual Sandwiches (group discussion) at work site
  • 1:00 PM Resume service work
  • 3-4:00 PM Return to site, clean and store tools, shower, free time. Middle school teams return earlier than high school teams. Free time is spent at the location where we are housed. There will be optional guided games and activities for youth.
  • 5:00 PM Staff/counselor meeting – adults meet with staff to discuss joys, concerns, and plans for the next 24 hours.
  • 5:45 PM Dinner
  • 6:30 PM Community service opportunities (cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms, etc.)
  • 7:00 PM Song time and evening program which consists of team building activities, work site reports, spiritual programing related to our summer theme and handing out mail.
  • 8:30 PM Free time. Volunteers prepare for bed.
  • 9:00 PM Optional Evening worship led by a work team
  • 10:00 PM Lights out. We have separate sleeping areas for each age group to allow for earlier bedtimes if desired, as well as for each gender. The work we do is hard labor and everyone needs to get a good night of sleep.

Sample High School Weekly Schedule


Arrive 2:00 to 4:00 PM, orientation, staff / adult counselor meeting, assign work teams


Hands-on tool training, half day service at work site, evening program


Service at work site all day, cross-cultural evening program


Adventure Wednesday: community service activity as a full group or activities to learn about the site location, recreation in the afternoon and BBQ dinner, evening program


Service at work site all day, off-site evening program


Service at work site all day, closing celebrations


Pack up, clean site, fill out evaluations, breakfast, closing circle, depart