SSP is an ecumenical Christian nonprofit organization, providing life-changing service projects in low-income communities. We invite high school, middle school, and intergenerational volunteers to experience the profound power of serving people with a culture and background different from their own.

All youth are welcome and affirmed at SSP. We create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, staff, and adults to explore the connection between faith and service, and strive to exemplify God’s unconditional love. We embrace diversity, which gives our communities strength and vitality, and believe we are more impactful when we collaborate with others.

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Email us if you have a story to share with the SSP community! Inside the Margins is published the first Wednesday of the month, and new this spring, every week on Thursdays. Here are our most recent newsletters:

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Spiritual Sandwiches are published every week that you can use to discuss with your loved ones and faith communities, written by SSP staff over the ages. We invite you to share in fellowship and reflection on these questions with family, friends, in person at home, or over video chat with your faith community!

Spiritual Sandwich: Easter Thoughts on Uncertainty
Spiritual Sandwich: Pray In Place

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