Year-Round Online Programs

Though we greatly miss in-person gatherings, we are committed to fostering community in all contexts. To that end, SSP will be launching several new online programs for our year-round season:

Free Programs

  • ZZP with SSP:
    • Objective: To foster community through low-barrier, fun, youth-led fellowship.
    • Logistics: These hour-long monthly Zoom youth gatherings are organized by SSP’s Youth Advisory Council. While designed with teenagers in mind, these gatherings are open to entire households. Expect games and opportunities to make new friends!
    • Get Involved: Register for details for the next gathering!
  • Liaison Coffee Hour:
    • Objective: To support leaders of churches and youth groups.
    • Logistics: Join us on the first Friday of each month to connect virtually with fellow adult leaders over coffee!
    • Get Involved: Visit our calendar for the next event’s Zoom details.
  • Staff Alumni Happy Hour:
    • Objective: To promote professional development and networking among the SSP staff alumni community.
    • Logistics: These 1-2 hour monthly Zoom gatherings are organized by SSP’s Alumni Association. Expect opportunities to reconnect with staff from many generations, network professionally, seasonal activities, and the occasional SSP program update.
    • Get Involved: Staff alumni should join our private Facebook group for Zoom details! Contact us if you do not have Facebook and want to learn more.
  • Teaching English to Migrants (TEM):
    • Objective: To activate volunteers in support of migrant shelters in Tijuana, MX, some of SSP’s partners through our San Diego program. By developing English language skills, migrants living in a border region increase their job prospects and have more opportunity to become self-sustaining.
    • Logistics: Adult English classes take place weekly over Zoom. Volunteer through teaching, support instruction, curriculum planning, and becoming English practice partners or pen pals.
    • Get Involved: Join our weekly information sessions, Fridays at noon (Pacific), or learn more on our website! Groups and individuals are encouraged to become financial sponsors of this program.

Tiered Pricing

  • Choose An SSP Adventure (CASA):
    • Objective: To engage deeply in group learning and discussion on topics our community is passionate about, including faith, advocacy, and service.
    • Logistics: These virtual gatherings will be planned and led by SSP’s Leadership Academy fellows. Some discussion topics may be standalone events, while others will build on themselves over several gatherings. Participation fees will be based on either single event registration or a bundled purchase for multiple sessions.
    • Get Involved: Stay tuned for details! Share your ideas for topics your group would be interested in.
  • Curriculum:
    • Objective: To support faith development in churches, youth groups, and individuals.
    • Logistics: Program curriculum from SSP’s last five summer themes will be available for purchase at varying levels, ranging from self-led PDFs to staff-led programming.
    • Get Involved: Watch for curriculum to be added to SSP’s online store! In the meantime, program journals from 2017-2020 are available for purchase.


  • Youth Advisory Council (YAC):
    • Objective: To develop leadership skills in teenagers and ensure youth have an active voice in shaping SSP’s programs.
    • Logistics: This program is facilitated by the SSP office, but participating youth are encouraged to be self-starters, leading accordingly.
    • Get Involved: In the Spring, current high school students can complete an interest form for future council positions!
  • Community Advisory Council (CAC):
    • Objective: To ensure SSP’s partner communities have an active voice in our programs.
    • Logistics: This program is facilitated by the SSP office.
    • Get Involved: Community contacts will be directly invited to participate on the council. Email us if you are interested in representing your community.
  • Leadership Academy:
    • Objective: To cultivate leadership skills in SSP program staff and strengthen our community.
    • Logistics: While typically occurring over 3 in-person weekends during the year-round season, this year’s Academy will take place digitally on a monthly basis, with additional opportunities to put leadership principles into practice in the SSP context. As a cohort structure has historically been essential for this program, interest-based small group pods will be a focus of the year. Academy sessions will be led by a variety of facilitators, ranging in professional background and SSP experience.
    • Get Involved: Applications for the Leadership Academy are open! Contact us with any questions, or if you are interested in leading any component of the Academy.

Stay tuned for further details on each of these programs and how you can be involved!

Return to In-Person Service

In order to protect the safety of our partner communities, staff, and volunteers, we will be following California’s Blueprint for a Safer Economy in order to determine when we will begin our return to in-person service.

  • We will only serve when county risk is in the moderate or minimal categories
  • Begin with Days of Service (no overnight programs) in Sacramento where we have funding and active partnerships
  • Along with registration, information will be shared about pricing, credit allocation, COVID-19 refund policy, safety measures, etc.
    • Pre-volunteer day safety online training
    • Start with households and small pods of volunteers, limiting the number of people on site (including staff)
    • Exterior work only, utilizing rented porta-potties and hand washing stations, maintaining distance between homeowner and volunteers
    • Emphasis on social distancing and mask-wearing
    • Masks and work gloves provided by SSP

We hope to have funding and partnerships to serve with additional communities. At this time, we are limited in where we can serve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SSP will use CDC, state, and local government guidelines regarding stay-at-home and gathering restrictions to determine when it is safe to resume scheduling in-person volunteer days. This will take shape as Days of Service in the first phase, before overnight programs are reestablished.

We thank you for your patience as we navigate a new normal for our program activities; we anticipate a series of changes to elevate our existing protocols that promote the extra health and safety precautions required. 

  • Online: All fees for online programs will be non-refundable and non-transferable, as these programs will be carried out remotely, unaffected by COVID-19.
  • In-Person: We are revising our fee structures and policies for in-person programs. Details will be ready when in-person program announcements can be made.

2020 high school seniors are invited to join in 2021 programs as young adult participants! We also want to note that there is no longer such a thing as “aging out” of SSP’s programs, as young adults are invited to participate in all intergenerational sessions.

We plan to host quarterly virtual town halls with updates as more information becomes available. SSP’s next town hall will take place in January 2021. We hope to have additional information about summer 2021 at that time.

Additional questions? Contact us:

    Last updated 10/28/20