Apply for SSP’s Board

Apply for SSP’s Board

Russ King of Point Pleasant United Methodist Church, Chair of SSP’s Nominations and Governance Committee

Have you wondered what goes on behind the scenes at SSP to make such amazing programs happen? Have you wanted to support SSP in a real, tangible way that you can be proud of? Consider serving on SSP’s Board of Directors!

SSP is accepting applications for new board members for our 2022 fiscal year (starting October 1, 2021). If you have ever felt the desire to serve in this capacity, please consider applying. We are particularly looking for folks with legal backgrounds and clergy members. We are also working towards building a diverse board that represents all the wonderful youth and communities we work with. SSP experience is desirable, but not a requirement.

Each year we select three youth to serve on the board for a one-year term. Youth interested in becoming board members are encouraged to become a part of our Youth Advisory Council (YAC), which can lead to a youth position on the board. Applications for YAC will be available this summer.

Adult board applications are due by May 1, 2021. Contact Megan with any questions.

Editor’s Note: Meet our current board members and consider applying!

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