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Select your top 2 to 3 adventures for each block before Noon Pacific Time through the Daily Form button below. You’ll be sent a confirmation email to the address you provide with Zoom login details for your “Choose an SSP Adventure” in advance – one email for each block. If you can’t access the form, email your selections to Megan Walsh and she’ll sign you up!

Friday Adventures:

2-3pm Pacific Time Block

Click on the adventure title to see the description and suggested materials!

Description: “Defund the Police” is a phrase chanted at protests, written on signs, and posted all over social media. But what does it mean? We are going to break down the ideas of Black activists on what defunding the police really means and what it would look like for America. Staff sharing with a discussion after.

Suggested Materials: Open heart and mind.


Suggested Materials:

Description: Learn how to create frog art!

Suggested Materials:

  1. Pencil 
  2. Paper
  3. Other art supplies if you have access

Description: Bring your best ghost story and hear other terrifying tales from staff and participants! Keep it PG.

Suggested Materials: Yourself, a story, and a flashlight if you have one! You might even have some creepy music on deck to play during your story.

Description: Go for a walk or sit outside observing nature and using your five senses.

Suggested Materials:

  1. Yourself
  2. Paper and a pen

Description: Build a tower out of index cards and masking tape. A competition to build the tallest tower that can support the most weight!

Required Materials:

  1. 100 index cards
  2. 1 roll of masking tape
  3. Ruler/measuring tape

Suggested Materials: Hard surface and room to work.


Required Materials: 

Description: Come hang out and GROUND yourself with some meditation and calming conversation as we wind down our week together!

Suggested Materials:

  1. A quiet place where you can meditate peacefully
  2. Comfy clothes to relax in

Description: Ever wanted to be a paparazzi? Do you have time to fill but no ability to paint or draw? Just looking to spice up the ‘gram? This is a general introduction to basic photography concepts that can be applied even if you’re just using your phone.

Suggested Materials: A smartphone (or a camera, if you have it).

3:30-4:30pm Pacific Block

Click on the adventure title to see the description and suggested materials!

Conversation with six panelists passionate about advocacy and how their faith has impacted their activism. Learn more.

Collaboration between Sierra Service Project & Camp Cedar Glen.

Description: We will learn about how sourdough starter works and what its process of formation and germination looks like. Then, we’ll make our very own! Lastly, we’ll learn how to turn it into bread once it is fully grown.

Suggested Materials:

  1. Flour (all-purpose or whole wheat is fine)
  2. Room temperature water
  3. Clear jar, glass, or plastic container
  4. Measuring cups
  5. Something to write down notes/tips
  6. Note: If you don’t want to make your own starter at this time, that’s OK! Feel free to come and learn.

Description: Learn how to make spicy animals and other fun shapes with paper.

Suggested Materials: Origami paper or regular paper cut into a square.

Description: Join in a competition building a pillow fort. The sky is the limit! It’s so rad you can be an child at anytime.

Suggested Materials: Pillows, sheets, chairs, etc.

Description: Spend time outside going for a fun walk around your neighborhood and then discuss anything interesting you experienced. If anyone is feeling competitive, there may be the opportunity for special challenges during the walk. Fresh air and exercise promised!

Suggested Materials:

  1. Camera if desired
  2. Walking shoes

Description: Just a fun time to do some art that can easily be washed away with water! While drawing, staff will play sick beats that we can have fun and dance to if wanted or just make the sidewalk pretty!

Suggested Materials: chalk

Description: Chat while coloring together!

Suggested Materials: 

  1. SSP coloring pages or others you have at home
  2. Coloring utensils (markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc.)

Description: A group lead poem writing hour which will be split between sharing poems and writing them. People are not required to share if they do not want to.

Suggested Materials: Paper and pencil or a google document (something to write your poems on)!

Description: Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube from a math wiz! Part 2/2.

Suggested Materials: