YAC Spotlight: Madison Gallardo

YAC Spotlight: Madison Gallardo

Youth Advisory Council (YAC) member, First United Methodist Church of Lodi, CA

Tell us a bit about your SSP story.

Madison: Over the years I’ve been encouraged to attend SSP from the stories that were told by older youth from my church who had participated previously. I went the first summer I could in 2018, and have been participating ever since.

What are some of your favorite SSP memories?

Madison: My most memorable moments stem from the new people I meet, and getting to build stronger relationships with the people from my church. Especially at the worksite with my work team or any down time.

In 2019, Madison’s group from First United Methodist Church Lodi was part of an intimate 15-person week serving in the Tsaile-Wheatfields and Lukachukai communities.

How are you involved in your local community? How has this changed through the pandemic?

Madison: Once a month my church would make breakfast and lunch to take to the Salvation Army, but we have not been able to since March. Hopefully soon that can change, but we have been collecting non-perishable food for those who need it.

How has SSP impacted your life?

Madison: I walked away from my faith for the most part before my first SSP experience, and over the past couple of years participating has brought me back to it. Finding my faith again has helped mold me into the person I strive to be, and that has change me for the better.

Editor’s Note: Youth are invited to join Madison and the rest of the Youth Advisory Council at the monthly ZZP with SSP gatherings. Registration is free!

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