Staff Training: Electrifying

Staff Training: Electrifying


By: Larry Butler

SSP Board Member from Dayspring United Methodist Church


What happens when you combine 41 SSP summer staff, the full time office staff and dozens of volunteers? You get charged up. I spent three days at staff training and it was electrifying!

(…) more than half a dozen guitars and the entire staff belting out the songs.

I had the opportunity to spend time with these energetic and dedicated young adults working with them in the kitchen, assisting with construction training and joining them at meals and spiritual program presentations. My favorite experience was song time with more than half a dozen guitars and the entire staff belting out the songs.

My experience at staff training, once again, gives me the confidence that the SSP staff  has the energy, the talent and the tools to provide a life-changing experience for the nearly 1800 youth and adult counselors that will be serving at SSP sites this summer.

I feel very blessed to be a part of SSP and to have been able to spend time with and get to see our incredible staff in action.

Editor’s note: View photos of staff training. Outside of volunteering, making a financial gift is one of the easiest ways to support SSP’s ministry! Consider joining Larry and over 100 other individuals in becoming a 12xSSP monthly recurring donor today.

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