SSP is Hiring: Rancho Cordova Program Manager

SSP is Hiring: Rancho Cordova Program Manager

Sierra Service Project (SSP) is looking to hire a part-time Program Manager in Rancho Cordova, CA. The funding comes from a grant from the City of Rancho Cordova, which has contracted with SSP to run a volunteer community improvement program for homeowners in the city.

Start date: Around September 1
End date: June 30
Hours per week: About 30, depending upon the level of activity
Pay: $16 per hour
Classification: This is a non-exempt, temporary part-time position (as defined by SSP’s personnel policies)
Benefits: Paid sick leave and other legally-required benefits

A driver’s license and good driving record is required. Extensive weekend work, particularly Saturdays, will be required.

For more information, view the full job description. If you are interested in this position, please submit a cover letter and résumé to Rick Eaton at director@sierraserviceproject.org. Please call (916) 488-6441 with questions.


Photos from the 2016 Rancho Cordova program:


We’re Giving BIG for BIG DoG

We’re Giving BIG for BIG DoG

By Pam Kepler

from St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Sacramento, CA


Editors Note: Many thanks to Pam and Steve Kepler who are just two of over twenty individual and business contributors to SSP’s matching fund for the Big Day of Giving on May 3. Help us use the entire $10,500 match by donating on Tuesday!


Steve & I have been counselors at SSP many times. I was on the Board and was finance chair. Steve helped out with IT issues. We have volunteered with moving things, mailings, sorting, cooking during training.

It is such an awesome organization – we love helping when we can.

Thinking about SSP trips brought back fond memories of being a counselor – driving the van and singing “Over the Rainbow” with Iz and the campers. Enjoying silly skits. A chance to be goofy and productive at the same time. The gift of experiencing different ways to meditate, pray, connect. The wonderful walks at sunset. Watching our youth learn and grow and understand what being in service means. Remembering long ago when we first became involved with SSP – it was amazing and inspiring – youth working really hard to raise money so they could work really hard. We were curious. We had to see what that was all about. That’s how we first got involved – and once we went – we were hooked!

We were curious.

At SSP we worked hard and played hard, and at the same time we were touched, changed, and got closer to God and one another. We were tired in body, yet renewed in spirit. We were blessed by staff, youth, and other counselors – that’s what kept us coming back – year after year, and why volunteering at SSP is so important – serving SSP as it had so lovingly served us.


BIG DoG Chiloquin

BIG Day of Giving May 3

BIG Day of Giving May 3

The BIG Day of Giving (BIG DoG) is Tuesday, May 3! This regional effort promotes giving and supporting nonprofits like Sierra Service Project in the Sacramento area. Mark your calendars to make an online donation on that day to double your gift and sustain our work year-round!

The focus of this year’s BIG Day is scholarships for low income youth. Did you know that last year, SSP gave more than $45,000 in discounts to youth from low-income families who would not have otherwise been able to participate in one of SSP’s programs? This year, we are committed to giving away a similar amount, but our scholarship fund is about $22,000 short.

Several donors and businesses are coming together to create a matching fund that will double the value of your gifts. Giving on the BIG Day is always fun, because we post about it on social media throughout the day and there is excitement about seeing progress in one day and who else is giving. We hope to get 115 donations during the day, so please join in.

And there will be (small) prizes for the 1st donor and every 10th donor after that. This is our only fundraising effort between now and the fall. If you have given already this year, we thank you and hope you will give again! Mark your calendar to give online on May 3.

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