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Select your top 2 to 3 adventures for each block before Noon Pacific Time through the Daily Form button below. You’ll be sent a confirmation email to the address you provide with Zoom login details for your “Choose an SSP Adventure” in advance – one email for each block. If you can’t access the form, email your selections to Megan Walsh and she’ll sign you up!

Wednesday Adventures:

2-3pm Pacific Time Block

Click on the adventure title to see the description and suggested materials!

Description: One of the moral calls at the root of the Christian tradition —and many others, too—is that of healing the world. Spiritual leaders, whether they be ordained ministers or laypeople organizing & advocating from a personal position of faith, have a role to play in the long work of dismantling systems of oppression. During this session you will learn some of the ways that spiritual leaders can respond to the call for social justice!

Suggested Materials:

  1. Some paper & something to write with
  2. Water (b/c hydration is always important) & a thirst for knowledge!

Description: Learn a brief history of Mexican cuisine while making a burrito bowl.

Suggested Materials:

  • Rice
    • White
    • Brown

  • Beans
    • Black
    • Pinto
    • Refried
  • Corn
  • Peppers
  • Lettuce

  • Salsa
  • Avocados
  • Protein: Chicken, steak, fish, pork, vegetarian protein alternatives

Description: Get familiar with basic camera terms and settings, and have fun experimenting with taking photos and editing on your phone.

Suggested Materials:

  1. Phone or iPad, anything to take a photo with!
  2. Any photo editing app (Photoshop express, Pixlr, BeFunky)
  3. Optional: Camera to view settings at the beginning

Description: Good at painting? Bad at painting? This is perfect for you! This is a chill time to make some art with some cool people. We will watch a Bob Ross tutorial together and try our best. But if painting happy little trees don’t sound like something you would want to do, you can feel free to create whatever painting you want!

Suggested Materials:

  1. Surface to create on
  2. Whatever medium you prefer: acrylic paint, oil paint, markers, crayons, etc. 
  3. Brush if using paint

Description: Get outdoors and get moving with the Walking Club! We will spend our time enjoying the art form of walking and creating space for discussion, centering, and exercise.

Suggested Materials:

  1. Water Bottle
  2. Comfortable Clothing
  3. Pedometer (phone app like Strava or physical)

Description: Learn how to solve a Rubik’s cube from a math wiz! Part 1/2.

Suggested Materials:

Description: Take time to write cards to old friends or family members you haven’t talked to in a while either due to being at home or growing apart. Cards can be sent if they would like to but also can just write a card to express some emotion as well. Any other type of card writing is welcome if you don’t have an old pal to write to.

Suggested Materials:

  1. Cards, blank paper, google doc, or anything you can write on
  2. Pen, pencil, or markers

Description: This will demonstrate a standard SSP vehicle check, and go into details as to how it applies to good habits in your normal life.

Suggested Materials: None, we’ll share our standard Vehicle Checklist with you!

3:30-4:30pm Pacific Block

Click on the adventure title to see the description and suggested materials!

Description: We will discuss what environmental racism is, who it affects, and why it exists. We’ll draw connections in one direction to redlining, and in another direction to environmental justice, as an example that activism is intersectional.

Suggested Materials:

  1. Yourself and your presence
  2. Something to write on
  3. Something to write with

Description: In this session, we will make chocolate chip cookies from scratch. Participants will learn about SSP’s Fred tradition and why it’s important. You will also learn how to bake delicious chocolate chip (or whatever you want to put in the dough) cookies!!

Suggested Materials:

  1. Flour
  2. Salt
  3. Baking Soda
  4. Butter
  5. Sugar/Brown Sugar
  6. Vanilla
  7. Eggs
  8. Chocolate chips/any candy or goody you would like!
  9. Egg/Butter Substitutes if Dietary Restrictions
  10. Mixing Bowl (Hand Mixer not Necessary)
  11. Cookie Sheets


Suggested Materials: 

Description: Taking time to reflect and share on different prompts. A fun and relaxed environment to write creatively and share your work with some new friends!

Suggested Materials:

  1. Paper/journal
  2. Writing utensil

Description: The traditional party game where there are three mafia members, one doctor, and one detective, where the rest are innocent.

Suggested Materials: none!

Description: Are you a Jeopardy fiend? Full of “useless knowledge” that you want to make useful? Come play Quiz Bowl, a competitive trivia game with questions about history, literature, science, music, sports, pop culture, and more!

Suggested Materials: None!

Description: Participants will create a grab-bag filled with small affirmations, favorite verses/quotes/lyrics – pretty much anything that will add a little sunshine to your day when you pull one out.

Suggested Materials:

  1. A bag/cup/jar/box – anything that can hold little notes
  2. Paper & writing utensil – to write little notes
  3. Stickers, paints, markers – anything you can use to make your Sunshine bag unique to you

Description: Making your own tree full of fruits and things you have reflected on. Your own personal fruits, and also the fruits of the spirit

Suggested Materials:

  • 2 pieces of construction paper (one for brainstorm and one for tree)
  • Green marker or pen to draw your tree (other colors if wanted to decorate more)
  • At least 2 other colored pens or markers to write down fruits and personal fruits