The term “ZZP” came about during our online summer in 2020, as our staff began referring to SSP as “ZZP” in a digital setting. It is simply our virtual version of our program – some of our staff started using the expression “Zoom Zoom Project” instead of “Sierra Service Project” and, well…it stuck!

Join the Youth Advisory Council for an hour of fellowship for youth, led by youth from all over the country! See old friends, and meet new ones, in a safe and affirming environment centered on fun and faith. This is a new series of free monthly gatherings.

We’ll send a seasonal SSP sticker to each person who attends, so be sure to include your mailing address when you register! We’ll also raffle off a $20 coupon to SSP’s online store for one lucky participant at each gathering. There will be special incentives for youth who participate in three monthly gatherings this school year, as well as six.

“Even though I didn’t know anyone else at ZZP, it was still really fun and I felt like a part of the group.”
– 11th grader

“This is the best interaction on Zoom you’ll find.”
– Adult participant

Upcoming ZZP with SSP dates:

  • June 24, 3 to 4pm Pacific

Youth and adult emotional, physical, and spiritual safety is important to us at SSP. All SSP programs are required to abide by our Safe Community Policy.

June’s ZZP sticker